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November 2009
Volume #002
Issue #011

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Welcome to the November edition of the Bible-Student-Online.org e-zine, The Encourager.

This month I want to explain clearly what I've learned...

Broken pinky fingers and computer keyboards do not work well together!

That little finger has hampered my normally prolific writing production. So you'll notice this edition is a couple days late. But we got it out! Praise God!


...without further ado...

Here are some of the useful little tidbits we’re offering in this issue…

1. Tip of the Month – Supercharge your Bible study time with these great ideas.

2. Starters of the Month – Can’t find anything to study? Look here for “starter” ideas.

3. Study of the Month – We’ve posed a question that we would like you to answer by making a thorough study of the Bible. Feel free to use resources.

But the applications need to be your own.

4. What’s New? – We have several projects going (and are we busy!) Find out the "new news" here at Bible-Student-Online.org!

Alright…let’s get to it!

Bible Study Tip of the Month

What Do You Expect in a Small Group Bible Study?

William J. Brown

Small group Bible studies aren't our normal fare in The Encourager. We normally focus on personal Bible study techniques and helps.

But the subject of small group Bible study is an important topic. And we shouldn't neglect what can be a truly rewarding personal experience. After all, that's how many of the churches began in the first century. They were little more than home Bible studies and prayer meetings. This should emphasize the importance of the in-home Bible study.

So I pose the question to you...

What do you think is important in a small group Bible study?

I posed this same question on our site's Facebook fanpage. And I got a basketfull of intriguing answers. Here are a few...

It must be based upon the Word of God. This may sound like a "duh" response. But I can't number how many times I've heard of Bible studies based upon a book rather than the Book. I'm not saying other books shouldn't be used. But the most effective Bible studies are those that begin and end with the Bible.

It must meet the needs of the group. A discussion on sexual purity in a Bible study for seniors may not be the best route to travel. Make sure the material meets the needs of the general population of your group.

It must be relevant. This differs from the point above. This is more than meeting needs of a specific group. Choose specific material that relates to real life problems and struggles some individuals in your group may be experiencing. Discussing the eating habits of the ancient Sumerians of Abraham's time may captivate your fancy. But how does that relate to those in the group?

It must focus on changing sinful patterns. If you lead a Bible study, apply every aspect of the lesson to the lives of those in the group. You should see life changing results pour forth from a truly spirit-filled Bible study. The best indication of an effective Bible study is found in the life-transforming results of truly mining the riches of God's Word.

The discussion I mentioned is ongoing. If you have a Facebook account and would like to weigh in on this issue, click on this link. It will take you to our Bible-Student-Online.org Facebook fanpage discussion tab. There you can give us your thoughts on what makes an effective small group Bible study.

That's it for this month. I hope this was a help. We'll have more next month.

Until then...

Keep up the good work. And...

Keep the Faith!

God bless!

Bible Study Starters of the Month

Here are a couple ideas to jump-start your brain for your personal Bible study…

1. Read the account of Saul, the first king of Israel (I Samuel). Answer these questions...

What made Saul stand out in a crowd?

How does the Bible portray his character?

What sin ended his reign?

Was his faith in God personal? Why or why not?

2. What are the qualifications for an apostle found in Scripture? Hint: Look in Acts.

Bible Study Project of the Month

Put on your thinking caps this month...

We want you to be a Bible agent this time. You're a man or woman with a mission this month. Here's the important mission...

Some churches feel soul-winning (winning souls to Christ) is an important mandate of the Bible. Other churches downplay this action.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to search the scriptures for a biblical answer to this question. You might want to focus on the end of the Gospels and the beginning of Acts.

And don't worry, this e-zine won't self-destruct in ten seconds! (My apologies to Peter Graves.)

And of course...

Contact us through our “Contact Page” and tell us what you found. We're interested to hear what your studies turn up!

What’s New?

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And as always...

We know we say this from month to month. But we feel it's so important!

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That about wraps it up for this month. We hope you enjoyed this e-zine provided by Bible-Student-Online.org.

God bless!