Encouraging God’s People to Study the Bible Better!

September 2010
Volume #003
Issue #009

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Welcome to the September edition of the Bible-Student-Online.org e-zine, The Encourager.

Do you love Bible study? Does God's Word consume you? Or is it just something you do because you feel you have to? Well, read on! We've got great ideas to revitalize your Bible study time.


...without further ado...

Here are some of the useful little tidbits we’re offering to get your Bible study moving...

1. Tip of the Month – Supercharge your Bible study time with these great ideas.

2. Starters of the Month – Can’t find anything to study? Look here for “starter” ideas.

3. Study of the Month – We’ve posed a question that we would like you to answer by making a thorough study of the Bible. Feel free to use resources. But the applications need to be your own.

4. What’s New? – We have several projects going (and are we busy!) Find out the "new news" here at Bible-Student-Online.org!

Alright…let’s get to it!

Bible Study Tip of the Month

Making the Most Out of Life

William J. Brown

Modern life gets hectic at times. Like a fine tuned sports car, once life gets barreling down the road, no one can catch it. That includes all of us, by the way.

In the middle of all this helter-skelter life we all share we have to make time for God's Word. Bible study is so important.

I try to use this feature every month to communicate practical tips anybody can use. This month, I want to get even more practical.

No study helps this month; just a few common sense principles to help you make the most out of your time and absorb the most of God's Word. The theme is keeping your Bible in places where it will most benefit you.

1. Keep a Bible by your bedside. This will insure you have no excuse to not at least glance at your Bible at some point in the day. When you wake, it's there, reminding you of your responsibility to study. When you go to sleep it reminds you to make sure you spend your time with God before the day ends.

2. Keep a Bible in your glove-box. I can already hear some of you now: "This guy must think I'm made of Bibles!" The sad fact is, many (if not most) Christian households have multiple Bibles lying around, not being used. If that's the fact with you, the next couple tips should come in handy, especially this one.

Why keep a Bible in the glove compartment of your car? Well, if you travel a lot, say, commute every day, you'll run into times during your day when you're stuck in your car in standstill traffic with nothing to do. Instead of twiddling your thumbs or listening to music on the radio why not break out the Bible from the glove-box.

A paper copy will work adequately in bumper-to-bumper rush-hour traffic. But for times when you need a little more concentration you may prefer to use an audio Bible on CD or (for people like me who have really old cars) audio cassette (gasp!). Utilize those "down times" in the car by reading or listening to God's Word!

3. Carry a small New Testament in your pocket. This is one I utilize. When I have a break at work or I'm waiting on a dedicated task to complete I pull out my convenient New Testament and read. It works nicely for those down times, and a New Testament normally only costs a few dollars compared to a more expensive full copy of the Bible. Cost effective and convenient; who could ask for more?

Using these three principles will aid us in capturing those lost minutes of our day. What better way to redeem the time than to use it to study God's Word.

Well, that's it for this month. I hope this was a help. We'll have more next month.

Until then...

Keep up the good work. And...

Keep the faith!

God bless!

Bible Study Starters of the Month

Here are a couple ideas to jump-start your brain for your personal Bible study…

1. Choose three characters from the New Testament who you admire. Study their lives a compare and contrast them to each other. Discover how they dealt with different situations and challenges.

2. Look through the table of contents in your Bible and choose a book you've always wanted to study but have never had a chance. Using a good study Bible, study the book, noting its themes, content and key elements. Write your findings.

Bible Study Project of the Month

Put on your thinking caps this month...

Many different denominations use different forms of church government. But which is correct? Is there evidence of deacon boards? Elder boards? Who really rules the church?

Your assignment for this month is to study the books of Acts, I and II Timothy and Titus to find what the Bible says concerning elders, pastors, bishops and deacons. Keep a record of your findings.

And of course...

Contact us through our “Contact Page”, and tell us what you found. We're interested to hear what your studies turn up!

What’s New?

I have a confession to make. Things have been truly insane around here. I ended up taking the entire month of August off from the website to deal with some pretty crazy happenings. As a result, we've fallen behind on a few things (as if we weren't already behind!)

We have about two months worth of tests to catch up on, as well as a whole month of emails to answer. So if you've taken a test during that time, don't worry! We'll get to it sometime soon. We appreciate your patience.

Hopefully, things will settle down soon. (But I doubt it!) We fully depend upon the fact that God is always good.

Thanks for your prayers.

That about wraps it up for this month. We hope you enjoyed this e-zine provided by Bible-Student-Online.org.

God bless!