Encouraging God’s People to Study the Bible Better!

October 2008
Volume #001
Issue #001

Hello <>!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Bible-Student-Online.org e-zine, The Encourager.

We hope this e-zine will stick as a close companion in your study of God’s Word, the Bible. Here are some of the useful little tidbits we’re offering in this issue…

1. Tip of the Month – Want to get more out of your Bible study time? We’ve got a great idea this month!

2. Starters of the Month – Can’t find anything to study? Look here for “starter” ideas.

3. Study of the Month – We’ve posed a question that we would like you to answer by making a thorough study of the Bible. Feel free to use resources. But the applications need to be your own.

4. What’s New? – Find out about Bill’s new e-book, I’ve Enlisted…Now What? Successful Strategies for God’s Soldiers due out in March.

Alright…let’s get to it!

Bible Study Tip of the Month

This month’s tip may not seem like a big deal. But I discovered this little trick only a short time ago. And it’s revolutionized my study time.

What is it?

I record myself reading the passage. Hmmm. Seems simple and meaningless. But look at it this way…

1. It gives you a great overall look at the passage.

2. You can hear what the passage is saying rather than just reading it.

3. You may hate hearing your own voice at first. But you’ll be able to relate better to the passage if you hear yourself (rather than someone else) reading the passage.

4. It personalizes the passage a little better and makes it more meaningful.

5. You can listen to it anywhere.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to make this tip work. If you can find an old tape recorder lying around the house (and find a store that still actually sells blank audio tapes) that will work nicely. I use a digital sound recorder. They’re not that expensive, and they can be used for other things as well. They also tend to be smaller and more portable than their tape-reeled cousins.

As you read, record the passage clearly and concisely. Don’t rush it. You want to be able to hear what you’ve said.

Once you’ve finished the recording (don’t forget to turn off the recording device!) read your passage one last time to yourself to get the “feeling” for it. Once that’s done, you can listen to your passage anytime you want…

While you’re driving…
While you’re taking care of the kids…
While at work on your break.

This method is simple but effective. Listen to it often so you can get a firm grasp of the meaning of the passage you’re working on. But don’t forget…

This isn’t a substitute for reading the passage! But you’ll absorb more if you try both reading and listening to the passage.

God bless!

Bible Study Starters of the Month

Here are a few ideas to jump-start your brain for your personal Bible study…

1. List three important commands Paul gives in any or all of his writings. Now, check yourself to see if you’re living up to that lofty standard.

2. Read the “Golden Rule” (Luke 6:31.) Starting with Sunday, consciously apply it to every decision, comment and step you make everyday for that week.

3. Read one of the Gospels (Mark would be a good one for this starter.) Now, write down every instance where Christ helped someone. Be careful to note whether He helped them spiritually, physically or both. Now, ask God how you can help someone in the same ways as Christ did.

Bible Study Project of the Month

How did sin affect each of these Bible people, and how did they deal with sin?


Contact us through our “Contact Page” and tell us what you found. We'd like to hear your side too!

What’s New?

This one is easy to answer…


We’re constantly making Bible-Student-Online.org better for you. Our goal is to minister to your Bible study needs. No matter what we do, we focus on Christ and ask Him what our loyal supporters need.

So with that in mind, we do have one very exciting announcement to make. I’ve begun work on a new e-book, I’ve Enlisted…Now What? Successful Strategies for God’s Soldiers. The feel and format are much like Bible-Student-Online.org…the same simple, easy-to-understand writing style…the same depth of study and exposition. We have a few goals to accomplish with this book…

1. We want to lay out a spiritual “battle plan” to help you overcome any defeat you may have endured in your spiritual life.

2. We want to provide a practical guide to living in a world populated by unbelievers.

3. We want to see you succeed as a soldier in the Lord’s Army, an elite company of spiritual soldiers, ready for any battle Satan tries to bring.

4. We want to help you live a life honoring and glorifying to our Commander, Jesus Christ.

That about wraps it up for today. We hope you enjoyed this resource provided by Bible-Student-Online.org.

God bless!