Let's Get Back to the Basics
With a Basic Bible Study!

We've set up each basic Bible study lesson as an introduction for Bible newbies as well as a refresher for the seasoned saint. You'll study basic doctrines in these free Bible study online courses. Unfortunately, when most people hear the word "doctrine" this is what they do...

Please do not panic!

The word "doctrine" simply means teaching. You don't need to be a Bible genius or scholar to understand doctrine. Bible doctrine is simply teaching about the Bible. There, now. I hope you feel better about it. We're all friends here. If you have any questions about our free online Bible study lessons feel free to contact us using our online form.

We recommend that you complete these online courses in the order they are given. Each Bible study builds a foundation for the next study. But you don't have to complete all the studies if you feel your knowledge is adequate in a certain area of Bible doctrine. You may complete each basic Bible study at your convenience. You have no time limit. But we do recommend you fill out the Bible Knowledge Survey (now here for Level 1 studies!) after each lesson the same day you complete the reading. This will ensure your knowledge of the subject is fresh as you complete each survey.

You may complete these online lessons with your Bible open in front of you. But if you prefer to do everything the new-fangled way each Bible study lesson provides a link to the Bible version of your choice. When you click the link a new window will open. Choose the version you prefer and minimize the window so that you can see the Bible in one window and follow the text of the Bible study in the other. These free basic Bible study lessons were created using the King James Version. But we have tried to make the material accessible to anybody no matter what version they use.

Oh, yes!

One more thing...

For your convenience we have placed a glossary of important terms at the end of each Bible course. If you like, study the terms first to get a feel for the subject.

All right...

Let's get started!

Here are the basic Bible study lessons we offer at this time. We hope to add more as time allows.

Level 1: The Bible

Your Bible education will start with the Book, itself, the Bible. This is our earthly starting point. Everything we know about God and His nature is revealed in the Holy Scriptures. Don't forget to look at the glossary at the end. Click now on the links below to start this course about God's Word.

The Bible: Introduction - Basic Bible Study Facts

The Bible: Study Lesson 1 - Biblical Inspiration: Has God Really Spoken?

The Bible: Study Lesson 2 - Spirituality Health Checkup: Are You Alive?

The Bible: Study Glossary

Level 2: God

Now that we have our foundation secure, let's mine the riches of God's Word a little further.

Our next study will cover the doctrines of God. Here we'll study His nature in general and each member of the Trinity individually. For an overview you may want to scroll down to the glossary of terms first to familiarize yourself with any unknown words. Let's begin.

God: Introduction - Does He exist?

God: Lesson 1 - Who is He?

God: Lesson 2 - The Unity and Trinity of God

God: Lesson 3 - Is Jesus really God?

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