Bill's Bible dictionary reference
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A good Bible dictionary or Bible encyclopedia could do a world of good for you. In fact, I think these are resources, in one form or another, that every Bible student should have on his or her Bible reference shelf.

A Bible dictionary is just that...

It's a dictionary of various Bible terms sorted alphabetically for easy reference. For a quick find, nothing beats a this kind of resource, especially if you're a book and paper person.

A Bible encyclopedia is a little more intense. Normally combined in multi-volume sets, a Bible encyclopedia groups Bible themes in alphabetical order in much the same way as a dictionary does. The difference is the amount of material to wade through.

If you want a thorough knowledge of any subject, use a Bible encyclopedia rather than a Bible dictionary. It'll give you the most "bang for your buck" when studying a Bible subject.

Many of these resources can be found online now, especially the older "classical" works that may be out of print now. Most you can get on computer programs as well, if you want to go the elctronic route.

As with all resources, take what you read with the proverbial "grain of salt." The men who wrote these are fallible. But they're all "solid" scholars who have produced good resources.

Just keep in mind one thing...

Only trust the Bible for perfect Truth.

Bible Dictionary Resources

A Dictionary of Bible Types

Author - Walter L. Wilson

Publisher - Hendrickson

A great resource into some of the "pictures" the Bible uses. A definite asset to the Bible student.

Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Author - Various

Publisher - Thomas Nelson

Another solid resource. I have the e-version of this one. But I think you can still find it in print.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Author - James Strong

Publisher - Hendrickson

A must for the Bible student. Many Bible programs come with Strong's indexing system built in. But if you like books, this one needs to occupy a central place on your shelf.

Vine's Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words

Author - W.E. Vine

Publisher - Thomas Nelson

Once again, a must have for the serious Bible student. This one works especially well for those with little training in biblical language. Find a place in you library for this one.

What does the Bible say about...

Author - Various

Publisher - Thomas Nelson

No. This title is not the product of my quirky writing style! The elipses are really there! I'm new to this resource. But from what I've seen, I like it and use it often. I have the e-version of this one as well.

Where to Find It in the Bible

Author - Ken Anderson

Publisher - Guideposts

Although I can't say I like the publisher, Mr. Anderson has put together a great resource. It's like a "mini-concordance" but much easier to use. A terrific resource but not a must. Great for the beginner.

Bible Encyclopedias

International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia

Editor - James Orr

Publisher - Hendrickson

This one's by itself because you don't need any other Bible encyclopedia. In my mind the last word in Bible background. This is an older edition. I haven't used the newer one at all. So I can't vouch for that one.

Be careful though! The writers for ISBE don't always angle their writing from a purely "biblical" perspective. Read with discernment! But a definite must have for the serious Bible student.

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