Find Bible help here no matter where you are in your Christian walk.

Have you ever wished someone would give you a little Bible help now and then? Perhaps you had a question about how to study Scripture. Or you had no clue how to interpret a certain passage. Maybe a certain word baffled you. What do you do?

By the grace of God we hope to help you here. We've brought together some great principles of Bible study and interpretation. Some of these ideas are our own. Others we've "borrowed" from other people and books. (We do give credit where credit is due.) It's great when you find that "Bible nerd" friend who can give you the help with the Bible you need. We hope to be that friend (nerd and all!). With that in mind let's look at a few of the resources this site has to offer in the way of Bible help.

Get back to the basics.

We begin with the basics of Bible study. Most people view Bible study as dry and boring. But Bible study can be fresh and exciting if done properly. We'll try to guide you through proper study habits of reading the Bible.

Also, we will look at an issue that has lain heavy on my heart for some time, biblical interpretation. We'll look at some of the proper techniques of interpretation that will make the message fresh without injecting arbitrary human decision.

Let's look at these issues now and get a little help for our devotional life...

Take a Bible study tour.

Looking for general rules on proper Bible study? For a bird's-eye view of Bible study principles, take our Bible study tour.

Your own personal Bible study guide will take you on an incredible journey through the greatest book ever written...the Bible.

But don't be late. The Bible study tour bus leaves right on time. So grab your ticket and get ready for a wild ride through the Bible.

Understand the Bible better.

Does the Bible seem like a mystery to you? Have you ever wondered if what you think you understand about it is right? We've handpicked a few principles on biblical interpretation to introduce you to in this study. Click here to find out more about understanding the Bible. You won't regret time spent understanding how to understand the Bible better.

Had enough Bible help? Click here for the homepage.

Feeling adventurous? Join the Faithlife community!

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