Bill's Bible resources bookshelf bulges with many great volumes!

I've put together this list of Bible resources to help you as a student of God's Word. Some of these resources may become your best friend. Many you'll use often. Some you may use sparingly. These Bible resources may even make your Bible study time simpler and more efficient.But I want to make sure that you understand a few things before you take a peek...

Let's get started...

1. Most of these resources I personally own. I've used some extensively and some sparingly. But they've all been useful to me in my studies. Any references that are listed but I don't own, I've listed at the behest of ministry friends whom I fully trust.

2. Just because I've listed a certain resource doesn't mean I agree with everything in it. But they're all resources I've found valuable in my ministry. The authors honored God in their work.

Just one side note...

...if I only had books that I fully agreed with, I would have only one book, the Bible!

Which brings me to...

3. I've provided these references for your enjoyment. But read with discernment. I'll say this later, but I'll say it here as well...

The men who wrote many of these works are fallible. That means they made mistakes. They weren't perfect.

But God's Word is infallible. It's perfect. Only the Bible has the Truth. Anything else is less than that.

I hope these Bible resources provide a blessing to you.

God bless you in your study of God's Word.

Bible Commentaries

Here are a few classic and contemporary works to help you understand the biblical text a little better. Click here to see some of my recommendations for Bible commentary.

Bible Dictionaries

These reference works are indispensable for a well-rounded knowledge of the world of Bible study. Click here to see some of the volumes occupy my bookshelf.

Bible Guides

These works will aid the beginner as well as the veteran Bible student. Find out what's on my shelf by clicking here.

Bible Map Books

These give the Bible student a better perspective of how people moved from place to place in the Holy Land and beyond. Find out what's useful when you click here.

Bible Language Works

Although many of these require at least a rudimentary knowledge of biblical language, there are many that the should occupy a space on the beginners shelf as well. To check them our click here.

Bible Software

Some of these I've used. Others have been recommended by my friends in ministry. But all provide excellent resources for the beginner as well as the advanced Bible student. Want to see more? Click here to see what I use.

Miscellaneous Bible Study Materials

Want more? Click here to see miscellaneous resources that you should still take a peak at. It's worth the time...believe me!

Finished with the Bible resources bookshelf? Click here to go home.

Looking for Bible stories? Try Bible Stories Library.

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