Bible study by topic is the way to go!

What is Bible study by topic? It's a way to take an idea, and, through the truth of Scripture, learn every single bit of information about it you can. Done properly, a topical study is like drawing blood from a turnip. You want to squeeze everything you can from any given topic until there's really no more you can learn.


Let's squeeze that turnip and make it squeal!

Or... use another more flattering analogy...

...mine the riches of God's Word. Mining is never an easy occupation, but the riches its work produces are priceless! But you only find those most precious gems when you do the most digging.

That analogy perfect describes topical Bible study at its best!

For serious Bible study, I have tendency to take a passage and study it. But topical studies also add a great deal to my own personal Bible study time. I like topical bible study assignments because of that added dimesion. They makes me dig more deeply into God's Word and know it better. I hope these online Bible study topics do the same for you.

This topical Bible study page is still very young. We are doing our best to create more and more online lessons, so please be patient. We may not be able to make these Bible study topic lessons into audio studies (as we've done with others) because of web space considerations. But if there is a great demand for a particular study, we may reconsider. If you have any ideas go to our contact page and tell us your idea. Your input and prayers are always coveted.

We hope you enjoy each Bible study. We poured a lot of time and effort into each one of these lessons. So we hope these lessons are as much a blessing to you as they were for us to put together.

Here are the online Bible study topics we offer so far.

Christian Living

Christians helping Christians

Is the Great Commission for us today?

Christian apologetics? What's that?

What does the Bible say about dealing with death?


How Resolved Are You? Your New Year Resolution

Christmas Confessions: A Christmas Bible Study

The Bible

Bible Truth: Is it really important?

The Controversial

The Virgin Birth: Should We Teach It?

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