Bible study software
for serious students!

Bible study software provides a tremendous resource for any Bible student. Some of the benefits of Bible study software over the conventional "book and pencil" method are...

1. It tends to be much cheaper than compiling a whole library.

2. A laptop makes it totally portable.

3. It takes up less room.

4. It saves loads of study time.

5. You don't have to worry about all that dust.


6. You can "cut and paste" portions of the text into a word processor for easy study notes.

So there are definite benefits. But...

If you're a "book and pencil" person, that's o.k. too. Don't worry about this page.

This page is a little different from the other resource pages in Bill's Bookshelf. Many of these titles are recommendations of some of my friends in ministry.

It seems with Bible study software (or any software for that matter) certain platforms have their followers and adherents. So I've tried to find out what some of my fellow-laborers in ministry prefer and put a list together.

Some of these products cost money. I'm in no way "selling" any of them to you. This is purely informational. As I said, most of these I've never used. These are purely recommendations from people I know and respect.

So, without further ado... are our favorites...

Bible Study Software

Online Bible

Author - Larry Pierce

I've been using this one for years. It provides thousands of dollars worth of resources right at your finger tips. And the best part...'s free!

But it does tend to be a bit unwieldy at times. And it isn't nearly as easy to use as many other Bible study software platforms. But if you're looking for a lot of the classic resources, it's unparalleled in what it offers.


My friend Dan Halstead, a Bible student's Bible student and electronic genius, likes this one. And when he showed it to me, I saw why.

The folks at E-Sword have created a free (yes, I said free) but highly usable Bible study software platform. It's definitely a great resource for the Bible student. And who can beat the price!

Scholars Library

Publisher - Logos Bible Software

I've never used this one. But a good friend of mine said he loves it.

It has tons of resources. And the Libronix system (which I've used in other programs) is unparalleled in usability. A definite powerhouse of Biblical reference works. There's only one problem with it... tends to be pricey. You'll have to shell out several hundred dollars for it. You can get cheaper versions of it, but they don't have nearly the resources this "all-in-one" Bible resource does.

But, from what John says, it's worth it's weight in "gold" if you have the "green" to pay for it.

Bibleworks 7.0

Publisher - Bibleworks

If I'm not mistaken this used to be sold under the title, Hermaneutica. My college Hebrew teacher declared this to be the only resource for biblical language study. If you want to do in-depth word studies of the original Hebrew and Greek, this is the best. But there's only one tiny problem (you knew this was coming)..., too, tends to be a bit pricey although not quite as expensive as others. But you have to remember...

This is strictly a biblical languages study resource.

You don't get all the bells and whistles like you do with other Bible study software. And it takes some background in Greek and Hebrew.

But, for pure word study, this is the best.

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