Do we need Bible Truth?

No concept finds itself more embattled than truth. And Bible Truth seems to take the most flak.

Try to tell someone that you believe in absolute truth and they look at you like you just dyed your hair purple. Even some "Christians" today challenge the concept of absolute Bible Truth.

And I have a thought on that...

Not long ago, my wife and I purchased something a bit frivolous. We are very careful with our money and rarely spend it on things that aren't "necessities."

But someone had given us some money to spend "just for fun." And we knew exactly what we would spend some of that money on...

...a new trash can! (I know. Overwhelming, isn't it?)

But this wasn't just any trash can. It was an automatic trash can. That's right. It opened all by itself (batteries not included by the way.)

And, if that weren't enough for us to take it home and call it our own, it was 80% off!

After we took it home (and finally remembered to purchase batteries for it) we tried out our new trash can. We would walk up to it, it would raise it's lid, and we would toss the garbage in. Then, it would quietly close again.

We enjoyed our new garbage can...for about two days. During that time, we found it had an annoying habit...

Sometimes when we would walk by it, it would raise its lid as if waiting for us to throw something in. I told my wife it looked like it was saluting us as we went by. More often than not it would do this.

And it became even more disturbing when it would do it in the middle of the night as I walked by on my way to the bathroom. It scared me out of my wits the first time it did that. Most disturbing!

But what annoyed me the most was another habit it developed...

It wouldn't open when I wanted it to! In fact, it seemed only interested in opening when it wanted to!

I would stand in front of the trash can waiting for it to open. It wouldn't do it! I would wave my hand in front. Sometimes that would work. Most of the time it still wouldn't open. I had to practically jump up and down in front of it to get it to do what I wanted.

Yet, I would walk by it, no closer than a foot away, and it would open. I called my parents, who had one similar to it, and asked them if theirs did the same thing. Theirs did the same thing, but they admitted they had gotten used to it.

I didn't think my mental faculties would stay with me long enough to get used to it. But I endured.

Day in and day out it would "salute" like a little Nazi. I wasn't impressed in the least at its confusion.

But then I started to think about it. That rediculous trash can reminded me of the way many people go about viewing truth. They think they see someone with all the answers walk by, and they immediately "lift the lids" of their minds hoping they'll get something for their effort.

But truth can't be found in people. It can't be found in social groups, infomercials, weightloss programs or even church denominations. Truth can only be found in one place...

...that's God's Word, the Bible.

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is found in John 17:17 in which Jesus prays...

Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

Jesus uttered these words just before His death. He wanted God, His Father, to ready the remaining eleven disciples for what was to come. In all of this Jesus stressed what was important...


And not just any truth, but Bible Truth. Jesus showcased the Truth that God had given, the Bible.

Some (even a few "Christians") have tried to discount any type of truth. They say that there are no such things as absolutes. So truth can't possibly exist.

Hmmmm. Let's examine that.

If we were to throw a ball in the air, it would come back down.


Because we here on this earth are bound by the law of gravity. That law works universally. It is a type of absolute.

You never hear people challenging that type of absolute. But moral absolutes (and especially Bible Truth) seem to be open season all year round. It logically makes no sense.

Think of it another way...

Those who claim there is no absolute truth have a problem. If they say their statement is true, they at least believe in one absolute truth. In their own mind, the idea that there is no absolute truth has become an absolute truth for them.

Jesus had no such concept of truth. He plainly made Bible Truth supreme. And remember the situation. Jesus wanted God to ready the disciples for what was to come. Was it His death He spoke of? It could be...

But there's more than just that here. Notice the word, "sanctify." That means set apart. Christ was asking God to set apart the disciples for a specific purpose.

What was that purpose?

He wanted His disciples ready for the ministry of the church age to come.

Jesus goes on to say in verse eighteen...

As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.

You see, one of the most important parts of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is understanding that truth exists. This is not just any truth, however. This is Bible Truth found only in God's Word.

The disciple of Christ marches to the drum of such Bible truth. In the pages of the God's Word, the true soldier of the cross finds his marching orders. Through it he gains the discipline to serve his God faithfully.

A person cannot reject Bible Truth and still be called a Christian. Christ knew the importance of Truth, so much so that He asked His Father to "sanctify" His followers with it.

Jesus held Bible Truth with the highest regard.

Shouldn't we embrace its importance as well?

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