Quality Christian ministries can help your Bible study time.

We've hand-picked these Christian ministries because of their helpful Bible study resources. Some are only fledgling sites but promise great things.

Others are already established and offer a wide variety of Bible study helps. Several of these ministries are run by close friends of mine. And they're careful with God's Word!

Whatever your need, we know you'll find these ministries valuable to your study of God's Word.

Our thanks goes to these folks for allowing us to use their sites as Bible study ministry links. They've worked hard to make their site the best it can be to the glory of God. Their ministries are needed. We appreciate their help. We hope these ministries prove to be an invaluable help to you.


when you visit these sites...

don't forget to thank the folks
who make them possible!


This Christian ministries outreach graciously and liberally gives everyone permission to use its online Bibles, and we have taken them up on the offer.

We use a link to their Bible versions page in almost all our online Bible study lessons. They provide this service free, but it takes lots of time and money to put these things together (trust us, we know!) We encourage you to visit BibleGateway.com and thank them for their ministry.

Community Bible Church Placerville, Ca

God brought Pastor Paul Anthes into my life at a critical time. It was under his pastoral influence that I decided to go into the ministry. He has depth of Scriptural knowledge, and his site is as deep as he is! You can download many of his sermons, and even more exist in printed form. Click here to mine the rich resources of Pastor Paul's ministry.

Conneaut Ministries

This is just a fledgling site. There isn't much there, but my friend Dan, the webmaster, has some great ideas and lofty plans for us in the future. Keep tabs on his sight here.

Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission

Here's another helpful site. Elisabeth Driesenga is a missionary to Brazil. Check out Ellie's site here.


Are you planning to home school? Are you looking for great educational products. Find educational and Bible products at this terrific site! Visit BibleCo.com by clicking here!

Also try these pages from John's site...

Large Print Bibles

Franklin Electronic Bibles

Personalized Bibles


When I first saw Shelley's site, I was really impressed. She deals with a "niche" that many don't have the gumption to tackle. Shelley does this masterfully! If you want to check out her site click here to find great tips on inner beauty...the kind God looks favorably upon.

Way of the Master

The Way of the Master ministry has been leading people to Christ for many years. Join Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron as they guide you into a closer relationship with your Master.

The Way of the Master

We have more Christian ministries on the way. We never post any link that we haven't first asked permission to display. So it may take a little time to get more.

Stick around. There's more to come.

God bless!

Finished with Christian ministries? Find more resources here.

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