Hebrew and Greek Bible helps
from Bill's very own bookshelf!

I've raided my study shelf once more to bring you these Hebrew and Greek Bible resources. These are sources I use quite often.

Some of these will prove useful to the beginner. But many qualify as "advanced" resources and require at least a rudimentary knowledge of biblical Hebrew and Greek.

But keep in mind...

As with all resources, take what you read with the proverbial "grain of salt." The men who wrote these are fallible. But they're all "solid" resources.

Just keep in mind one more thing...

Only trust the Bible for perfect Truth.

Here are some of the resources I've found useful on my Bible study journey. Hope you enjoy these Hebrew and Greek Bible helps.

Biblical Language for the Beginner

Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible

Author - Robert Young

This isn't just any ordinary Bible translation. This one has been translated literally from the original manuscripts. So it gives a very accurate portrayal of what the biblical text actually says. Definitely a useful resource for the beginner to get a clear view of the text without having to know Hebrew of Greek.

Also look for electronic versions which give deep discounts.

Vines Complete Dictionary of Old and New Testaments Words

Author - W.E. Vine

Once again, a must have for the serious Bible student. We've also included this one in "Bible Dictionaries." Real Bible study begins with the original languages, and Vine's brings that down to the level of the "common man."  This one works especially well for those with little training in biblical language. Find a place in you library for this volume.

The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Author - James Strong

We've included Strong's here as well as on our "Dictionary" page because it is more than just an indexing system. It's also a thorough word study resource. Use this for word studies as well. Strong's Concordance tends to be a little daunting for the beginner. So find someone who can teach you how to use it for word study. It is certainly a must-have for any serious Bible student.

Many Bible programs come with Strong's indexing system built in. E-versions tend to be easier to use. This is definitely a great way to go as well.

Hebrew and Greek Bible Resources
for the Seasoned Student

A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament

Editor - William L. Holladay

Everything about this volume is concise (except the title.) It's definitely for those who have a pretty good knowledge of Hebrew. But it's portable size and ease of use make it more useful than other Goliath size resources. A solid addition and a necessity if you have a solid background in Old Testament Hebrew.

Linguistic Key to the New Testament

Author - Fritz Rienecker, Cleon Rodgers

This volume is a little pricey but worth every penny. The best Greek reference work I've ever used. It requires a rudimentary knowledge of the Greek Bible language. But it could be useful to those who haven't studied much of the language. It's an all-in-one resource, providing commentary as well as language help. It's organized in order of the biblical text to make it simple to find what you're looking for. A definite must for the advanced student. Get this one.

Note: I found volumes by the same author that look similar, but I've included the same edition I have in the links. You may want to check out these cheaper alternatives before buying. I can only personally vouch for the edition we have linked.

Shorter Lexicon of New Testament Greek

Author - F. Wilbur Gingrich

Here's another great Greek Bible resource. This lexicon resembles more a "handbook" than a reference work. It doesn't have every Greek word, so you don't have to worry about carrying around a massive volume. But it has enough to prove extremely useful to the Bible student. It's ease of use makes it a definite plus for any advanced Bible student.

Finished with Hebrew and Greek Bible helps?

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