Wearing the Helmet of Salvation

William J. Brown

by William J. Brown

Paul describes our salvation as a helmet...the Helmet of Salvation...in Ephesians 6:17a...

And take the helmet of salvation...

So how exactly is salvation like a helmet? Let's find out...

The word "helmet" carries a very descriptive meaning. In the original, it means "circle the head." And that's how the helmet functioned. It encircled the soldier's entire head (except for the face, of course) preventing injury to that vital part of the body.

Paul's parallel for the Christian's heavenly headgear holds an interesting truth in all this. When Paul spoke of salvation here he wasn't referring to the moment when we accepted Christ. No, he was referencing the "process" of salvation. How is salvation a process?

When we come to Christ, it is said that we are "saved." And that is true. We are saved from the punishment of sin. No longer do we fear what the unsaved will one day come to realize...the frightening reality of hell (Romans 8:1.)

But there is an ongoing process, however. Romans 13:11 says...

...now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

The process includes saving us from the presence of sin as well. When we come to Christ he saves us from sin's terrible consequences. But we still must put up with the sinful flesh we live with everyday. One day, that too will be done away with when we see Christ face to face. Then we will truly be completely "saved" in every aspect.

So Paul is referring to the all encompassing effects of sin here. How does our current as well as future salvation aid us in in regard to this piece of armor?

Very simply, our salvation, both present and future, convinces us of where we were (sinners on our way to hell) where we are (believers, saved from sins penalty) and where we're headed (a face to face meeting with our Savior, Jesus Christ.) Our Helmet stands as a constant reminder that we are saved individuals, children of God, followers of Christ.

This piece of spiritual armor gives us the confidence we have in the finished work of Christ. He has saved us to the uttermost (Hebrews 7:25) because He constantly makes intercession for those who believe in Him.

But sometimes doubts may arise in our minds about what Christ has done. When those times come, we must look to our salvation as our confidence in Christ. It is that spiritual headpiece that guards our minds from the snares Satan sets to steal our joy from us.

So let's not forget to put that Helmet of Salvation on our heads. It's the only thing we have to guard our minds from doubt and fear. With that Helmet firmly fit on our heads we can charge into battle with confidence and assurance.

God bless!

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