"The Bible" study glossary is finally here!

It took us a little while, but we finally came up with "The Bible" study lessons glossary. This Bible study tool is a Bible dictionary specifically tailored to whatever specific study you choose.

In this case, you have chosen the glossary for "The Bible" study series. This Bible glossary defines any important terms that might aid you in studying the lessons.

We hope this Bible guide will lead you into more profitable study.

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Bible: God's message to man given to him in specific words which he accurately wrote as God directed

Books of History: comprise the second major section of the O.T.; outline

God's hand in Israel's history

Books of Law: also "Books of Moses"; first five books of the O.T.; gave Israel civic as well as religious instruction

Books of Major Prophets: comprise the first major grouping of O.T. prophetic books; for the most part they tend to be larger than those of the Minor Prophets

Books of Minor Prophets: represent the second major grouping of O.T. prophetic books; tend to be shorter than those of the Major Prophets

Books of Poetry: contain the poetic and musical literature of Israel as well as wisdom writings

coffee: Something some people dare not start the day without!

"fire insurance": the mistaken idea that salvation can be gained through "fox-hole conversions" and half-hearted confessions; a liscense to sin

General Epistles: N.T. letters from the first century written by various authors to large audiences regarding Christian doctrine and living

God-breathed: Gr. theopneustos the literal idea normally translated "inspired" or "inspiration"

God's Word: Another name for the Bible; See also "Scripture"

Gospels: The first four books of the New Testament; outline Jesus' life, death, resurrection and ascension (going into Heaven)

inspiration: the way God gave His revelation, to man using man's styles and abilities to form a unique message that contained God's exact words; means God-breathed

mechanical dictation: the idea that God gave the exact words of Scripture to writers who wrote the words without thought or reasoning; Contrast "inspiration"

New Testament: also N.T.; the second main section of the Bible containing the last twenty-seven books

obedience: listening to and doing what God's Word says; something a Christian does not do automatically, but he does naturally

Old Testament: also O.T.; the first major section of the Bible containing the first thirty-nine books

Pauline Epistles: N.T. letters written by Paul to specific individuals or groups outlining Christian doctrine and living principles

revelation: the message God reveals to man

Revelation: the only book of prophecy in the N.T.

salvation: God's plan outlined in Scripture whereby an individual gains favor with God, not by his own merit, but by putting his trust in the Son of God, Jesus Christ as the only way; also includes the idea of asking forgiveness of sins

Scripture: another name for God's Word

spiritual pulse: belief in Jesus Christ

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