Web ministry for everyone!
(Not just dummies!)

So...you want to build a web ministry? Let me ask one simple question...

How do you plan to do that? To put it another way...

With all of the gazillions of sites out there, how will you make your web ministry stand out from the rest of the web? People have to find you and want to stay for you to make an impact on their lives. So...

How will you do that?

Let me give you five simple principles for success in the world of web-based ministry...

1. Find a web system that works. A building is only as good as it's foundation. Make sure you have a web-based system that works. Unfortunately, many just throw a website on the net and call it "done." That's not the way to start a successful web ministry.

For Bible-Student-Online.org, the Site Build It! system has worked wonderfully. I can't sing the praises enough of SBI!. SBI! doesn't just give you a website, it delivers all the tools you need to make a web-based ministry work. It helps you write copy, promote your site and build traffic like no other system can.

It's worth it's weight in gold! If you're interested in purchasing SBI! for your web-based ministry click here to find out more. Even if you already have a site, you can convert it to a successful SBI! site.

But whatever system you choose, make sure it gives you more than just a website. Make sure it delivers a web-based ministry!

2. Write readable material. If you want success on the web, you must have content...content...content! But there's even more to it than that. You must have content that people can read!

A web ministry is based upon communication...specifically communicating the message of the Bible to everyone. Make sure that message is clear!

Write with short sentences.

Write with easy-to-understand words.

And write short paragraphs (no more than three sentences.)

Keeping these writing principles in mind will send you on your way to web success!

3. Organize your site for easy navigation Once again...keep it simple! Our site navigation is pretty much just "bare-bones." But that's how we like it. And you'll find that others like that kind of simplicity as well.

Our site navigation is courtesy of the SBI! system.

4. Promote your site! (Not yourself!) There's more than just a fine line between the two. It's a matter of philosophy. If you're going into web ministry only for what you can get out of it...then...

...get out of it!

The ministry has no room for selfish people. You're here to serve others...which brings us to our last principle...

5. In all you do, think about others. You are an "e-servant." You're here to serve others. Keep in mind...with every word you write...you write it to serve others. God has called us to serve other Christians as well as those in the world (Galatians 6:10.) Let's minister with others in mind!

Of course, this list only covers a few principles. But...I have to confess...I left the most important one out...

Depend on God in all!

No matter how you do it, depend on God with your web ministry. It won't go unless God goes with it!

God bless!

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